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Axia Prima Sejahtera

X-Ray Intelligent Security Screening Machine ISC-M100100D DAHUA

Update Terakhir
29 / 08 / 2022
Min. Pembelian
1 Unit
Harga Mulai
Rp. 1.658.800.000
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Rp. 1.658.800.000
PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera, adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang sistem keamanan & produk berteknologi yang berkualitas tinggi, dapat dipercaya dan berstandard kelas dunia. Dimana penyedia produk kami adalah beberapa negara besar seperti Jerman, Amerika, Canada, Denmark, Korsel, RRC, Jepang & Taiwan.

Detail X-Ray Intelligent Security Screening Machine ISC-M100100D DAHUA

Mesin X-Ray Security

Intelligent Security Screening Machine

> Uses X-ray to generator images of packaged items passing on the conveyor belt, and checks the shape and size of packaged items
> Displays images of the packages with enhanced effects, such as high energy enhancement, super enhancement, high density alert and image scanning
> Generates dual view images simultaneously, generates penetration images of controband at different angles
> Use AI algrorithm recognition dual view images, improve the recognition rate of contraband
> Supports security screening mode and video surveillance mode
> Recognizes dangerous items such as knives, bottled liquid, spray cans, guns and lighters from scanned images
> All detection results can be stored and generated as reports, which can be searched and exported according to danger level and time
> 2 built-in cameras that respectively monitor the entry and exit of baggage and the package inspection process
> Add IP camera and PoE camera for live video, storage and playback. The cameras monitors the entire security inspection
> Alarms are triggered by system errors such as no HDD, storage error, IP conflict and MAC conflict
> Supports HDD storage space management and advanced management such as RAID configuration (RAID0/1/5); ensures data security
> Supports user group management and multiple authorities setting; supports custom function, permission and password configuration
> Supports system operation and maintenance management, such as self diagnosis, log and online user search, and device updating

Datasheet DHI-ISC-M100100D

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