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Axia Prima Sejahtera

Access Control Schneider | Indonesia

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18 / 11 / 2021
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PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera, adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang sistem keamanan & produk berteknologi yang berkualitas tinggi, dapat dipercaya dan berstandard kelas dunia. Dimana penyedia produk kami adalah beberapa negara besar seperti Jerman, Amerika, Canada, Denmark, Korsel, RRC, Jepang & Taiwan.

Detail Access Control Schneider | Indonesia

Access Control

EcoStruxure™ Security Expert
Your first defense in building security
Bagian dari EcoStruxure

Protect your building occupants and assets with EcoStruxure Security Expert. An integrated, role-based physical access control and intrusion detection solution that unifies your building’s security infrastructure and building management systems.

Keeping your building secure is a top priority.

With the need to protect more people and data it is easy to understand why physical access control plays a vital role in the overall security of a building.

EcoStruxure Security Expert integrates role-based physical access control and intrusion detection to unify the building security infrastructure and building management systems into an easy to manage, single platform that enables faster, more efficient, and potentially life-saving decision making.The Security Expert Difference
Security Expert delivers superior integration right out of the box with:

Advanced levels of configurable, programmable logic to meet your unique needs
An easy to work with feature-rich API that:
• Exposes system objects and enables deep levels of integration
• Offers a fully documented, published API
• Releases new versions in concert with Security Expert

The right solution for Buildings and IT

Unifies access control and building management solutions reducing complexity and the time spent managing multiple systems
Turns large quantities of information into secure, customizable analysis
Backward compatibility ensures the latest offer will support prior version features and integrations
Scalable, resilient architecture ready to grow with your business

Available for small, mid and large enterprise environments
Ideal for multisite installations and future expansions
Extensive data handling capabilities that can store millions of credentials in offline memory
Access to third-party system information faster

Standard offer integrates with the Schneider Electric building management system, EcoStuxure Building Operation
Unifies the entire building security infrastructure using standard industry protocols
Offers extensive integration capabilities with networked and third-party systems
Easy to configure for faster deployment time and access to third-party systems

Building Access
Intrusion Detection
ID Badging & Image Verification
Visitor Security
Alarm Management

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