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  LOKASI :  Jakarta Selatan

  AKTIVITAS :  15/07/2022

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Axia Prima Sejahtera

full height turnstile jakarta | indonesia

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13 / 07 / 2022
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PT. Axia Prima Sejahtera, adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang sistem keamanan & produk berteknologi yang berkualitas tinggi, dapat dipercaya dan berstandard kelas dunia. Dimana penyedia produk kami adalah beberapa negara besar seperti Jerman, Amerika, Canada, Denmark, Korsel, RRC, Jepang & Taiwan.

Detail Full Height Turnstile Jakarta | Indonesia

Turnstiles are the ideal solution for controlling access outdoors when many people are to enter or leave an area in a short time. turnstiles can also be individually adapted to your requirements in other ways: with a variety of material options, interlock variants, additional attachments and expansions for bicycles, wheelchairs and the transport of material.

Bidirectional electromechanical full-height turnstile equipped with a built-in control unit, double passage version, with rotor in stainless steel with 3 sections. Available both in stainless steel (RTF 2.3I), galvanised steel (RTF 2.3) and with side frames included (RTF 2.3F, RTF 2.3FI).

• The sturdy frame and the absence of intrusion points make the turnstile ideal in contexts characterised by a really high pedestrian flow (2x1200 passages per hour) or in places, in which it is necessary to guarantee a high security level for the access management
• Available both in stainless steel AISI 304 and galvanised steel, coated with standard RAL 9006 or other colours upon request
• The lack of welding makes it particularly easy to replace the arms in the event of damage/wear
• Equipped with passage indicators with LED lights
• The control unit is equipped with a display to facilitate the programming and it allows personalising the operation of the turnstile in the event of a power failure (locked rotor or free rotation in entrance/exit)
• It can be integrated with any kind of access control system
• Easy and fast installation, RTF foresees different configuration possibilities in order to optimise the transport
• Platform and roof available as optional accessories
• Anti-entrapment bars provided as standard
• Built-in green/red LED traffic lights with the function of courtesy light
• Equipped with manual release system

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